Ever have a slow day at the gym? We all have those days but the reason for that happening was a poor state of mentality. Imagine a lion stalking its prey… the pure devotion to that one moment by that lion where the stakes are succeed or starve, is quite bone-chilling. When we look at how beasts like the lion and other powerful animals approach their battles, incomprehensible levels of mental commitment are required to win these battles. After being stuck in the same training mentality for a while, I started treating my workouts as something I must attack with tunnel vision. I started executing training sessions with full physical and mental commitment, mirroring the way a lion battles for its next meal. Following this, my workouts became increasingly more meaningful. I started seeing less “off-days” and became increasingly excited to train instead of seeing it as a chore because of this new mental edge I had gained. This mental transformation is something that I felt the need to share with the world. It not only has entirely upgraded my level of training, it has also unintentionally infected other areas of my life to where I see everyday tasks as battles that I must mentally commit to and attack, until the outcome that I need is achieved. After time under this way of viewing the world, my surrounding circumstances began to change, people left my life and I started getting much more done. For people stuck in cycles, this is the answer to get things going. Making the apex predator-mentality shift can improve anyone’s life because it allows people to break down their problems as individual battles so that they are easier to tackle and overcome. Apex Fitwear challenges you to make time to apply the apex predator-mentality to parts of your life and see how astonished you will be with the results.